For their 60th wedding anniversary, a husband and wife recreate their wedding photos

To commemorate their 60th wedding anniversary, a couple decided to recreate their adorable wedding photos.

Couple Who's Been Married For 60 Years Celebrate Their Wedding Anniversary With Photoshoot In Original Outfits | Bored Panda

According to reports, Marvin and Lucille Stone married in 1960 in a small Lutheran church in Sterling, Nebraska. This year, they decided to commemorate the occasion with a spectacular photoshoot.

Katie Autry was the shoot’s photographer, and she described it as one of the most rewarding projects she’s ever worked on.

Marvin, 88, and his 81-year-old wife Lucille even wore their original 1960 outfits, including the dress Lucille had made herself!

Husband And Wife Who've Been Married 60 Years Recreate Wedding Photos For Anniversary - UNILAD

On August 20, Katie shared the joyful photos on Facebook.

«I had the honor of assisting Marvin and Lucille in commemorating their 60th wedding anniversary. This could be one of my favorite sessions yet! These two lovebirds even dressed up in their original wedding attire for the shoot (Lucille made her dress)

“[…] What an incredible example of true love standing the test of time these two are. I am grateful for the opportunity to have met them and honored to have captured these memories for them. Marvin and Lucille, happy anniversary!

Elderly couple recreates wedding day on 60th anniversary with unique photoshoot; see pics | What's Viral

Katie went on to say that she had asked the couple what their secret to a long and happy marriage was, and they had advised her to work hard, be kind to one another, think before you speak, rely on each other’s strengths to overcome your weaknesses, and stay strong in your faith.

Wow … Despite all of the negatives in the world today, it is stories like this that warm my heart. Marvin and Lucille are a picture-perfect example of true love.

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Here’s to many more anniversaries for Marvin and Lucille!

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