Users criticized Victoria and David Beckham’s 11-year-old daughter. And this is why:

David Beckham and his heiress recently paid a visit to Venice’s Teatro La Fenice.

David is a classicist, so he was dressed in a stunning black suit.

Elegant sunglasses completed the understated look.

Harper Beckham, on the other hand, broke the rules by wearing sneakers under her evening gown on the floor.

Naturally, many netizens were perplexed.

But keep in mind that the girl is only 11 years old.

As a result, it is not entirely accurate to say that she was required to wear high-heeled shoes.

However, negative commentators continued to criticize.

Many people disliked Harper Beckham’s dress.

This, however, is not cheap.

Western journalists quickly discovered that the price was $ 2,000.

However, many people still compare it to an old-fashioned curtain.

Of course, the appearance of an 11-year-old girl was brought up.

As is customary, some people began to suggest that she was already overweight and that something should be done about it as soon as possible.

Harper simply has to take care of her appearance as the daughter of parents like hers.

«It’s great that parents don’t impose their beauty standards on their children!»

Fortunately, not every commenter was so venomous.

As a result, Harper Beckham received the most support:

«What matters most is that the child is content!»

«She will shed pounds quickly.»

«You’re a good girl!»

«I’m not sure why you’re looking for flaws in her. It does not make you more attractive.»

«Harper dressed however she saw fit,»

«It’s wonderful that parents don’t impose their view of beauty on their children,»

«I don’t understand why adults criticize children. I’d like to meet you when I’m 11 years old.»

So, new photos of David Beckham caused indignation among some users.

However, this criticism is very difficult to call objective.

Still, this exit of Harper Beckham can hardly be called unsuccessful.

Nevertheless, we see that she wanted to look decent and she achieved a good result.

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