Mom is taken aback when her son reveals that her new granddaughter has a twin brother.

«These grandparents are in for a life-changing experience.» The video starts with father Tom carrying his son, Ace. He enters the living room, where Grandma and Grandpa are sitting on the couch, their granddaughter Brinkley resting in the bassinet.

Briane, Tom’s wife, captures the moment the grandparents see their second grandchild for the first time. «That’s a real baby!» exclaims Grandma. Her reaction, a mix of shock, disbelief, and joy, is understandable.

After all, she’s only known about one grandchild so far. Grandpa appears to be unfazed by the news, appearing amused and pleased with the unexpected turn of events.

The video’s narrator, a news reporter, explains how the couple has kept this child hidden. Because Brinkley and Ace were born during COVID restrictions, the grandparents were unable to attend the birth.

Tom and Briane had informed the new grandparents about Brinkley, but they had decided to keep Ace a secret. Tom had always wanted to keep a child as a surprise if he had twins, and this was his chance.

He used the opportunity to surprise his mother with baby Ace after telling her he «didn’t have time» to wrap her birthday gift. Of course, he had to capture the big reveal on video.

The video concludes with a brief appearance by Grandma, who explains that she initially thought her son was pranking her with a doll. Grandma, don’t worry: this one’s real! As expected, the grandmother was overjoyed to learn that she now had two grandchildren.

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