He’s a Superhero! He cut short his vacation to spend three days with the boys. Let us thank Richard for his efforts!

Today, we’ll tell you about a true hero who gave up his vacation to save teenagers in another country.

He wasn’t there for a day or two.

The entire operation took an extremely long time.

The entire world was watching the dramatic rescue of the teenagers and their coach who had become hostages in the Tham Luang Nang Non Cave.

After more than two weeks, all 12 boys and their coach were rescued.

Richard Harris, an Australian diver and part-time doctor, was one of those who played a critical role in the complex rescue operation.

Richard, from Adelaide, Australia, was on vacation in Thailand when he learned about the teenage cave hostages.

According to an Australian government source, Thai authorities requested Richard’s assistance because he was a professional diver and an excellent doctor with extensive experience rescuing people from caves.

When Richard arrived at the teenagers’ location, he checked on their well-being and stayed with them in the cave for three days.

He only left the cave when everyone was safe and sound.

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