How the internet helped this African child become well-known

Today, all it takes to become famous is to manage social networks thanks to the internet and other technology.

We’re here to tell you a story about a young man from Nigeria who danced barefoot in the rain and awoke the next morning to fame.

Even famous people did not show indifference.

Anthony Madu studies ballet, and his instructor shared a video of him dancing barefoot in the rain on social media.

The popularity of this video was such that the boy eventually received the chance to study under the most knowledgeable experts.

Yes, you are right.

He started to get offers from different professionals.

The post is also available on Instagram.

A number of famous people, like actress Viola Davis, posted this video with Anthony on their pages.

As word about Anthony spread through the media, the New York Ballet School took notice of the young man and encouraged him to enroll.

Anthony will study at the leading ballet school in America — “American Ballet Theatre”

Let wish him good luck in study and a great career ladder in the future.

Talents must be noticed.

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