President of Portugal and a hero. What he did sets a tremendous example for his people and presidents worldwide.

Portugal has its own laws and ordinances, just like any other nation.

For instance, the president is chosen just for a five-year term and has no executive authority.

Marcelo Rebelo de Souza is the republic’s current leader.

He gained notoriety in social media this summer as the nation’s president but also as a kind and sensitive guy.

This is the tale we wish to tell you.

At the end of July, Souz was unattended, unguarded, and alone on a nearby beach.

By the way, he was also spotted in the grocery store in April while waiting in line and by himself.

The leader of the nation appeared so ordinary on the beach that many tourists did not even realize who was standing next to them.

Additionally, he saw two women there who were in a really perilous circumstance because their boat had capsized, the current was strong, and they were helpless.

The 71-year-old leader of Portugal acted without thinking first and hurried to save the drowning.

Thankfully, a few other men rushed to aid him.

Together, they succeeded in rescuing the women, who fled slightly alarmed.

“Since there is a very large westerly current here, they were thrown away, turned over, they swallowed water and could not turn the kayak over, climb on it, or swim.

Such is the strength of the current,” de Souza said later.

I think the leader of the country has set a wonderful example to his people!

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