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Today, it is customary to occupy youngsters with a variety of activities: the sooner, the better. And supply is created by demand. There are various activities for very young children in big cities, such as «baby dance» (from 2 years old). However, dancing classes for children ages 2 to 4 are not actually dance classes, but rather general developmental (physical development) classes.

Children of this age are given a warm-up warm-up that includes modest gymnastic exercises, more like exercises, activities to create a feeling of rhythm, coordination, imagination, and fantasy, they learn simple motions with children, and they perform a tiny dance.

There is no need for such additional sessions if the child attends kindergarten, as the preschool curriculum includes a rhythm course. Such teachings will be beneficial to home children in terms of socialization and general psychophysical stress.

Combination classes (game-rhythm-plasticity-dancing) are available for general development beginning at the age of three, and additional choreographic education begins at the age of four (typically six).

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