VIDEO!Life advice from Denzel Washington will leave you speechless…

Denzel Washington is one of Hollywood’s most well-known and celebrated actors. His films are always box office successes, and the characters he portrays are well-liked by audiences. He’s also a man who attempts to motivate others through his words and actions.

Denzel shares his incredible wisdom with us, telling us about his life and journey to becoming the man he is today. This actor’s powerful motivational speech is a great message for everyone. Denzel speaks about determination, discipline, hope, and resilience in his remarks.

He defines resolve as «firmness of purpose.» He recognizes that total dedication to the goal is required. Discipline is defined as «training that is intended to produce a specific benefit for either moral, mental, or physical improvement.»

‘Every failed experiment is one step closer to success,’ Denzel tells the audience. ‘I pray, and I pray,’ he says later. I also pray. But I keep failing, failing, failing.’ ‘Resilience is the ability to recover from or successfully adjust to change and difficulties,’ he says.

He discusses holding on to hope, or the confident expectation of achieving a goal or wish. Denzel reminds us that hope requires a strategy for success, and that success in life requires planning.

He claims that the most important character traits a person can have are gratitude, generosity, and courage. Denzel is sharing what he’s learned along the way. Giving back and investing time in others is critical. His message is to be grateful and generous at all times.

‘Some of you have money,’ Denzel says to the audience. Some of you have it tough. Some of you are kind. Some of you are in love. Some of you have the gift of endurance. Whatever it may be. Whatever your talent is. ‘How are you going to use what you have?’

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