With UNICEF, Orlando Bloom is in Moldova. How he aids Ukrainian citizens

Orlando Bloom, a well-known Hollywood actor and «Pirates of the Caribbean» star, is presently in Moldova as part of a UNICEF initiative. He is a passionate supporter of the Ukrainian refugees who were compelled to flee their homes.

Additionally, he published this on his Instagram page:

«Children have fled the Ukrainian conflict virtually every second since it started.

Meeting families who were compelled to flee everything in search of safety is what UNICEF and I are doing in Moldova.

It is important to note that there have been other Orlando posts since the war started.

He has worked with UNICEF, backed Ukraine from the start, and published numerous films and messages urging others to provide a hand.

On his page, you can frequently find images of people who had to flee to another nation.

Unfortunately, since there has always been conflict between people, to assume that one day we shall all live in peace is to believe in utopia.

However, we can do much for those innocent people who suffer during the wars.

And no matter in which country: the most developed, developing or as we say of the Third World, since helping people means helping people and no matter the political an economic benefits we have from these countries.

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