10 Influential Social Advertising Examples That Will Make You Think

The goal of social advertising is to reach our hearts, open our eyes to the unpleasant truth, and hopefully inspire us to act.

Uniq Beauties has compiled a list of the best recent examples of social advertising that brilliantly convey their message. It will be impossible to remain unmoved while looking at these.

1.“Save paper — save the planet.”

2.»Plastic bags are lethal.»

3.“Victims are people just like you and me.” — A Christian ad campaign to abolish torture

4.“When the woods go, wildlife goes.”

5.»Every day is a gift.» — Donor-supported social advertising

6.“There’s a friend request you won’t regret accepting. Adopt.”

7.The Make-A-Wish Foundation grants the wishes of seriously ill children because «hope is sometimes the best medicine of all.»

8.“Don’t let garbage replace wildlife.”

9.“Not all scars are visible.” — Social advertising against family violence

10.“Don’t skip this. Don’t let the indifference become reality.”

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