We are really impressed with the changes a simple thing can make and don’t want to enjoy this striking project alone.

Assume you’ve arrived at a cool location to have fun, listen to music, dance, and relax. And then a stranger approaches you and asks to kiss you. Would you be too embarrassed to speak up, or would you?

Johanna Siring, a New York-based photographer, made this a reality during the Roskilde Festival in Denmark. Her main goal in all photos was to capture the essence of people. And, as our article demonstrates, she discovered an effective tool for determining who they truly were.

1.Can you feel the rush of emotions through the screen?

2. «You have to call me after what has just happened.»

3.»Wait! Have you just kissed me?»

4.We’d never guess she had such an infectious smile.

5.It’s amazing how deeply a person can be hidden at times.

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