A toddler’s adorable reaction to seeing clearly for the first time has gone viral, and it will melt your heart

Lonnie, a 14-month-old boy, receives a pair of pink glasses. I can relate to the mother of this adorable little girl’s joy because I have three children who all wear glasses.

Lonnie initially rejects what her mother is attempting to apply to her face. She screams and pulls her mother’s glasses-holding hands away from her.

The spectacles are then placed on Lonnie’s adorable face by Mum. Lonnie is startled to notice that she can now clearly see her surroundings.

She appears startled, surveying her surroundings before opening her mouth in awe. Her expression suggests she is thinking, ‘What? No way! So this is how the world appears to be!

‘Look at Mommy!’ says her mother. Her expression when she clearly sees her mother’s face is simply adorable.

Mom removes the glasses and replaces them on Lonnie’s face after cleaning a smudge. Lonnie then realizes that the spectacles are assisting her vision.

Lonnie expresses surprise and excitement while grinning at her mother and family.

The video was uploaded to YouTube, where it has received numerous comments and over 4,000 views.

One onlooker remarked on how priceless the moment was. ‘My God. This is absolutely invaluable!

It is critical to remember to care for our health at all times. Without a doubt, we agree. We should not take our ability to see the world for granted.

It’s also the reason I keep additional pairs of glasses for my kids in case one pair gets lost or broken; having hazy vision is annoying.

’I have a terrific nephew who received glasses around age 4 and what a major improvement in his life,’ another viewer wrote about his nephew having glasses. All of the frustrations vanished. This video is awesome.

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