While twenty families rejected her, A Down syndrome child adopted …The details of this heartwarming story read below!

Because of the baby’s Down syndrome, her parents abandoned her.

When a baby girl named Alba was born, she was subjected to a series of difficult testing.

As soon as the single mother saw her daughter, she realized she did not need a child of that caliber.

The infant received no parental care due to Down syndrome.
Later in life, she had twenty different parents, but none of them ever wished to dedicate her life to a specific child.

Alba, on the other hand, joined a strange household roughly two years ago.

Luke Trapanese is a 40-year-old man. He is childless and lives apart from his parents.

Because of the predominance of incomplete families in Italy, the adoption system is a severe and tough process.

Luke’s wish, however, was granted, and he was permitted to bring home a baby who had only been alive for 13 days.

His achievement could possibly be related to the many years of experience he obtained while working in a specialized institution.

This job fostered in him tolerance and empathy, as well as the capacity to properly deal with patients.

He had to pass a series of examinations and interviews before becoming Alba’s father.

This girl has survived the last two years with her family in a joyful home atmosphere.

Luke completed his studies on his own, but he is looking for a partner to share the joy of fatherhood with.

In the evenings, he enjoys spending time with his energetic daughter, who is always ready for a game of tag or a dance party, which makes them both happy.

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