Without makeup, the star of «Pirates…» is unrecognizable… Would you recognize her?

Her physical appearance is unlike everyone else’s.

Pirates of the Caribbean fans have been exposed to a wide group of characters who are both strange and vibrant.

One of these people is Tia Dalma, the sorceress. Fans were ecstatic with the actress’ outlandish appearance.

Despite this, I have found that fans are unable to identify the actor that plays this role.

The role of Calypso, the Greek goddess, was played by Naomie Harris, a British actress.

After realizing her daughter’s talent, her mother enrolled her in acting school.

Naomi had already turned eleven years old when she made her film debut. However, «Pirates…» was the one who made her famous.

The actress in the picture had dark-colored teeth, several tattoos, and wore duds for the majority of the movie.

In spite of this, the actress is a genuine beauty in real life, and the character she plays has nothing in common with her.

It is important to point out that not only because of her natural beauty but also because of the sculpted appearance of her body, Naomi was able to work as a model for fashion.

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