The most EMOTIONAL audition I’ve ever seen. There was not a dry eye in the house… VIDEO

What a wonderful hearing, there were no dry eyes in the room. After eleven hard years, Nick Edwards has rediscovered his confidence after walking onto the British talent show stage, owing to his two lovely kids. Nick, 36, was taken aback when his daughters Savannah and Kali, aged three and four, were carried onto the stage by his mother Tracey. The three females demanded that he stand and audition.

Edwards, who is from Doncaster in South Yorkshire, claimed he had «never felt more nervous in my life» before a performance. His dream of performing his own music in public was resurrected thanks to his daughters. He informed the judges that he had «lost a lot of confidence» in himself over the years. He only sings in the shower as a result. But you have to hear this guy sing! Amanda Holden was gracious enough to advise Nick that he might assist himself to a glass of water.

Edwards has returned, armed with a guitar and ready to sing. Even Simon was relieved to see him. Nick performed a song he dedicated to his girls, claiming that it has become «the soundtrack of their life.» However, Nick’s song moved everyone, particularly judge Amanda Holden and broadcaster Declan Donnelly. «That was very wonderful, you have such a beautiful voice,» Simon Cowell continued. David Walliams confirmed that he had received «4004 yeses» from the audience.

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