VIDEO: It’s difficult to keep a straight face when a young boy «assists» his mother with her grocery list… Look at how cute he is…

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The efforts of a young child to assist his mother by taking on the responsibility of creating the weekly grocery list for their family are endearing to observe.

From «ladies» to «matoes,» he makes it a point to remember as much as he can.

Mother Chrystal Logsdon was able to enlist the help of the most adorable helper in the world for this week’s grocery shopping because her youngest son wanted to be in charge of making the weekly shopping list.

The fortunate thing for us is that Chrystal decided to videotape the entire scenario so that we can all enjoy the sweet moment when the young child stands ready with a ballpoint pen and a notebook to scribble down all of his mother’s errands.

When Chrystal starts making a list of everything she needs to buy for the week, the lovely saleswoman who helps her repeats everything Chrystal’s mother says before writing it down in her notebook.

The young child is so engrossed in it that he is already ready to add the next item to his shopping list a few seconds after writing down the first item.

The way Chrystal’s child pronounces all of the races on his list, from «ladies» to «matoes» to «sghetti,» is by far the cutest part of the episode.

Despite the fact that his articulation isn’t perfect, it’s the cutest thing that’s ever happened.

Although you may need a backup list, we’re sure everyone wishes they could have a shopping assistant as adorable as this one. Is there a nicer person than Chrystal’s son?

Do you recall a term that you had difficulty pronouncing when you were younger? What was it, if so? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below, and please forward this post to others.

View the video…

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