Keith Urban, a kind musician, honored a dying request for a young woman with such a wonderful, empathetic serenade…

Marissa English, a 25-year-old lady, experienced great joy in her final moments on Earth before passing away.

She was born with a multitude of medical issues, the most significant of which were cysts and water in her brain.

Despite having multiple illnesses, she was a loyal fan of Keith Urban, the famous singer and guitarist.

Despite her medical issues, she never stopped listening to his songs. Her desire was to attend a performance featuring her idol Keith Urban and meet him in person.

Her devotion was so strong and pure that she saved up all of her resources to ensure that she could attend the show she desired.

Despite her doubts about her capacity to attend, Marissa purchased the ticket.

She was hoped to be able to attend her favorite singer’s live performance in Toledo, Ohio, which was being held there.

Her condition, however, quickly deteriorated, and she was unable to attend the concert.

The sorrowful young lady’s heart broke as she realized this could be the final time she saw her idol, which made her feel nervous and upset.

Marissa’s nurses couldn’t keep their cool after seeing her in such danger, and they eventually wrote a letter to the singer pleading for help.

Urban postponed all of his appointments in order to pay Marissa a visit.

She was a patient at Mercy Kids Hospital at the time, and it was a thrilling moment for her when Urban entered the girl’s room and greeted her.

She exclaimed that it had been the best day of her life! On that specific day, the singer addressed her as «the best fan» while playing «Blue Ain’t Your Color» for her.

Marissa and Urban will never forget that day—a day of enormous significance!

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