Heath Ledger’s coworkers gave his two-year-old daughter their wages since he forgot to include her in his will…

Heath Ledger’s daughter was left lamenting her father’s death after he died since they could no longer spend time together.

But his physical absence wasn’t the only thing he missed about him.

This information was not contained in the actor’s will. Three of her coworkers at the Ledger gave up their salaries for her because they were concerned about her health.

Heath Ledger is most known for his performance as the Joker in the comic book adaption «The Dark Knight,» in which he played a crazed criminal with a distorted sense of humor.

In addition, the actor has appeared in a number of other films, including «Lords of Dogtown» and «I’m Not There,» in which he played a range of roles.

The actor first met Michelle Williams on the set of «Brokeback Mountain» in 2004, and he fell in love with her right away.

A year later, they welcomed their first child, a daughter called Matilda Rose Ledger.

The two’s relationship ended tragically in 2007, but Ledger’s love for his daughter remained steadfast.

According to director Terry Gilliam, the actor rode the metro with his daughter in his backpack and then went home to talk with Gilliam about a film they were both working on.

Ledger died at her New York City apartment in 2008, when Matilda was only two years old.

Matilda had only turned two years old at the time.

Matilda, who was only a youngster at the time, was perplexed by her father’s sudden absence and persisted in interrogating her mother about him, but Michelle was unable to provide convincing reasons.

«Where is my daddy?» she never stopped asking.

Ledger was in the middle of filming «The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus» when he died.

The story follows a traveling theater troupe whose leader has struck a pact with the devil and offers his audience the option of self-fulfilling insight or joyful ignorance.

The audience must choose which path they want to travel.

When Heath Ledger died in a horrific accident, the film’s director, Terry Gilliam, was unsure what to do.

He chose the second viable choice after more consideration.

He cast Hollywood actors Jude Law, Johnny Depp, and Colin Farrell to replace Heath Ledger in the film, and he cast other well-known actors in the remaining roles. Giliam stated:

«No one enquired as to how much they would be paid or whether the job was intended for them.

They were all Heath’s pals, and they wanted to finish the movie as soon as possible in his honor.

Other well-known celebrities, such as Tom Cruise, expressed interest in replacing Heath Ledger, but filmmaker Terry Gilliam turned them down since they were unfamiliar with Ledger’s work.

While Gilliam was concerned about the financial benefits of replacing Heath Ledger with three actors, the performers were concerned about something else: Ledger’s daughter.

The three actors performed for symbolic compensation and took nothing for themselves, instead offering their entire income to Matilda as an act of extreme kindness after the show.

Ledger’s daughter, who was just two years old at the time, was not mentioned in his will.

Long before his daughter was born, the multi-award-winning actor made a will in which he bequeathed his assets, worth around 118,000 dollars, to her parents and three sisters.

He never bothered to amend his will after the birth of his daughter.

On a fundamental level, this meant that his daughter had no legal right to inherit anything from her father. However, one year after the actor’s death, everything changed dramatically for the worst.

Heath Ledger’s father, Kim Ledger, indicated in an interview with The Sunday Times that his family would not claim any of the actor’s money and would donate it all to the actor’s daughter. According to a Fox News report, he stated:

The decision created a feud between Kim and his brothers, with two alleging that Ledger’s father was ineligible to be the executor of the actor’s inheritance since he mismanaged their fortune.

Kim’s brothers alleged that Ledger’s father was ineligible to be the executor of the actor’s inheritance since he mismanaged their own fortune. Many years ago, when my grandfather was still alive.

The Australian executor of Ledger’s will, Robert John Collins, came to Kim’s rescue, claiming that the claims leveled against him by his siblings were unfounded.

The charges sparked feuds between the two brothers, who are now estranged from one another.

Matilda’s current existence as a carbon copy of her departed father

Matilda was only two years old when her father left, but 14 years have passed since then, and she is now an adult.

It is easy to notice how much the teenager resembles her father in the few images of her that can be accessed on the internet.

The similarities amongst his family members are very striking. In addition, his grandfather Kim stated:

«She acts just as her father did when she was a child. She has a lot of inquiries. She can keep going since Heath hasn’t slept since he was two years old, and Matilda is the same way.

Kim described her granddaughter as a bundle of energy, claiming that she emitted an aura similar to that of Heath Ledger.

Matilda not only resembled her father physically, but she also acquired attributes from her mother.

Matilda’s mother attempts extremely hard to imprint memories of Ledger in her daughter.

The one thing about the small girl that hasn’t changed is the never-ending stream of questions she asks in an effort to learn more about the kind of person her father was while he was still living.

Since Heath’s passing, the Ledger family would like to extend their heartfelt congratulations to Michelle on the outstanding job she has done raising Matilda on her own.

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