Twin sisters who rose to prominence due to their stunning hair.

T.K. Wonder and Cyprian Kwann captivate the audience’s attention. Females have recently detested their hair, attempting everything possible to straighten and manage luxurious afro hair.

Then, when the sisters and their friend Nikisha Brunson launched the blog Urban Bush Babies, the entire world recognized their natural beauty.

Cyprian Kwann and T.K. Wonder, twins, are presented. They become the center of attention the instant they go out onto the street.
Females have recently expressed dissatisfaction with their hair.

«I was already beginning to dislike my hair; it appeared to be a huge hindrance,» Cypriana admits. The sisters have spent a significant amount of time attempting to straighten their hair. Cypriana gave up her modeling career because she was tired of fighting with herself.

The twins have decided to accept their natural hair and stop trying to change it. Their Instagram accounts currently have tens of thousands of followers.
Females, on the other hand, do not just appear in public dressed attractively.

Cypriana, TK, and their friend Nikisha Brunson run the blog Urban Bush Babies, where they discuss hair, fashion, and art.

The sisters use their own beauty to inspire young women to appreciate their own. Cypriana and T.K. seek to change people’s attitudes toward the afro haircut.

«It was about addressing myths and biases concerning natural hair,»

The beauty of the twins is now praised across the globe. And they abandoned
their previous misgivings. Now, females enter any business with zeal and drive.

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