When she said she’d sing a Michael Jackson song, the judges were skeptical. But when it started, everyone was surprised!

Some musicians should just not be attempted to sing their songs on a show like “The X-Factor.”

Their talent and legendary reputation are so unrivaled that attempting to sing like them is akin to defying fate.

Michael Jackson is one of them. The King of Pop was not merely an ironic moniker bestowed upon him. His genius provided the world with some of the greatest pop singles of all time, and attempting to cover them is a dangerous game.

But not for a young English singer.

Louisa Johnson, who is only 17 years old, has been singing for nearly a decade. Louisa attempted to sing incredible songs like Dolly Parton’s «I Will Always Love You» when she was nine years old. But that didn’t stop her from being nervous as she walked onto the stage to perform in front of one of the world’s cruelest judges.

But when she opened her mouth and began singing, everything vanished, and Simon couldn’t believe what he was hearing!

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