A young woman with Down syndrome achieves incredible success in her life and career… Learn more and be inspired by the video below…

Working as Victoria’s Secret model is widely regarded as one of the most coveted jobs a model can hope for in her career. The company’s name has become synonymous with beautiful underwear and fashion shows that are watched all over the world.

Karlie Kloss, Adriana Lima, and Alessandra Ambrosio are just a few of the models who have become famous thanks to this company.

However, a new generation of Victoria’s Secret models is entering the company, and unlike in the past, they represent a broader range of ethnicities and subcultures.

A fair accusation can be leveled against a large number of fashion companies, and that accusation is that they are unwilling to portray body shapes other than slim ones. Many businesses are beginning to understand this concept after years of discussion, but it will be some time before everyone catches up.

Regardless, we are progressing in the right direction. Check out Sofia Jirau, the first person with Down syndrome to model for Victoria’s Secret.

It all started with Victoria’s Secret’s Love Cloud campaign. The concept envisioned increased societal representation for various groups of people. Consider those who work in low-wage jobs, are disabled, or have certain genetic conditions.

Sofia was one of several models chosen for the new line, which the brand is particularly proud of.

Love Cloud rejects outdated beauty standards and welcomes people of all ages and body types. Unquestionably an improvement from the days when they primarily represented tall, leggy, skinny women.

Of course, I have no ill will toward celebrities such as Behati Prinsloo or Karlie Kloss. They were simply carrying out their responsibilities. This, however, represents a significant shift in the company’s image.

Sofia is also delighted to be at the forefront of it with her fellow models.

The 25-year-old already has some background in modeling. She was selected to walk the New York Fashion Week runway in 2020. A huge step up for a career is to walk the runway for Victoria’s Secret!

“I once dreamed it, I worked for it, and now my dream has come true. I can now let you in on my huge secret: I am the first Down syndrome model for Victoria’s Secret.
It is undoubtedly a dream come true. For all the individuals with Down syndrome who now have another role model to look up to, not just for Sofia.

“I would tell everyone in the world that there are no boundaries and that everything is possible,” she added.

After receiving some criticism for their image, the company has made significant progress in recent years in terms of listening to the feedback that really matters. This information comes from their primary market, which is made up of women.

Regular women’s opinions and experiences have influenced their product lines, demonstrating the importance of listening to their core market.

Furthermore, thanks to Sofia and the other stars of Victoria’s Secret’s Love Cloud campaign, an increasing number of people may now feel confident and attractive while wearing Victoria’s Secret.

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