An 8-year-old girl wants to attend a daddy-daughter dance after her father dies, so a kind officer steps in…

This second-grader had always desired to attend the father-daughter dance. She had never imagined she would be able to do it since her father’s death.
That is, until some people decided it would be a good idea to volunteer their services as escorts for children who needed father figures in their lives.

«I called my mother, and she said it was fine… «Because I don’t want to be turned down by a second-grader,» Nick Harvey, a Van Buren school officer, joked. After her mother had spoken to her about it, I officially asked her if she would accompany me to the daddy-daughter dance the next day.

Avey Cox, an 8-year-old girl, sat next to Harvey as he reflected on his experience and told 5 News about it. Harvey was clearly overjoyed and proud of his decision. He exhibited no signs of regret and demonstrated that he had only good intentions.

When the big day arrived, the parents and volunteers put in a lot of effort and did everything they could to make it a memorable evening. Cox and Harvey planned their costumes in advance, took a limo to the event, and even stopped for pizza on the way.

«I really got to go and see all my friends there,» Cox said before turning to Harvey and smiling. It meant a lot to me. Then I got to go with him and have a great time.»

That particular moment was priceless. The little girl’s smile and pointing gesture toward Harvey is so endearing that our hearts melt.

Harvey described it as a truly incredible night, one he will not soon forget. The officer stated that the two made many wonderful memories at the Arkansas school, both on and off the dance floor.

«I danced when I can’t dance at all and kind of humiliated myself,» Harvey laughed.

Cox paused, as if about to cry, before saying, «Me and him dancing.» Harvey then embraced her. It was such a precious, genuine moment, and the bond these two shares is undeniably exceptional and valuable, especially for a young child who has lost a parent.

The daddy-daughter dance was a particularly memorable part of the evening. Someone at the party captured Harvey and Cox dancing and posted the video online, where it quickly went viral.

Harvey’s kindness didn’t just affect the young girl; the whole world felt how pure and important that night really was. It is so lovely to see some good people out there doing good deeds in the world today.

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