This shy singer returns after 8 years to perform a chilling Janis Joplin cover and wow the audience…

Consider yourself extremely shy. You’re so shy, in fact, that you can’t perform in front of others. Consider that, in addition to all of this, the thing that gives you the most joy is something that necessitates… performing in front of an audience.

This was Amelia Lily, the shy 16-year-old girl who sang a cover of Janis Joplin’s «Piece of My Heart» on The X Factor UK in 2011.

However, if you were to watch her perform, you would have no idea she was nervous on stage. The bleached-blonde singer walked out onto the stage with complete confidence, singing each line in a style reminiscent of Janis Joplin’s. She added a killer edge to the performance by singing every line with a growl that could pierce your heart.

The audience liked her so much that they cheered for her almost every time she opened her mouth during her performance.

Naturally, the judges were all taken aback by the performance. And they were overjoyed to see Amelia on the show. It was difficult to believe that such a powerful and mature voice could come from someone so young.

«Let me tell you something,» one of the judges said after Amelia finished singing. People work their entire lives and it takes a long time to get to where you are now. You appear on stage looking much older than your actual age. You presented yourself as a 30-year-old woman who had spent a long time honing her craft. That was amazing.»

Amelia’s family was also present backstage, beaming from ear to ear and, of course, cheering enthusiastically for her outstanding performance.

Another judge, who was just as surprised by the young performer’s age, shouted, «Amelia, this is the reason I wanted to sit in this chair: to discover talent like this. That completely changed the complexion of the game. That was amazing.»

When it came time to vote, the four judges appeared to be in agreement. «You’ve only scratched the surface, Amelia,» one said. «Amelia, you got four big yeses,» the last judge said in a stunning and uplifting moment.

It’s almost as if Amelia is unaware of her own talent. She will undoubtedly be able to bring the house down wherever she appears, regardless of the size of the stage on which she performs. Her voice is truly amazing.

See what Amelia looks like now in the photo below:

And this one right below:

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