Shy man who can’t even say his name walks onstage and stuns everyone in the room with his voice.

Christopher Maloney has always been too shy to perform in public, but on X-Factor UK, he finally does. When he sang Bette Midler’s «The Rose,» the audience erupted.

Being able to control your own emotions is an important part of being a successful performing artist because it allows you to make a genuine connection with the audience and avoid making mistakes. That, however, is easier said than done.
Stage fright is a real thing, and it is natural to feel nervous and anxious when performing in front of a large group of people, especially if you have never performed on stage before.

The man in the video below knows a thing or two about stepping outside your comfort zone and facing your fears in order to achieve your goals. Christopher Maloney felt extremely nervous and stressed when he stepped on stage to audition for The X Factor UK. He was on an international stage in front of the judges and everyone else in the audience. And it was evident.

The judges were concerned that he wouldn’t be able to perform because he was sweating profusely and could barely speak. But the moment he began singing, all their fears vanished.
With his stunning voice, the man was able to control his emotions and captivate the audience’s hearts.

Here’s a link to the video:

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