The mother gave her two-year-old child a sign that she was unable to read and left her alone at the airport. Eventually, a stranger picked her up in his arms.

Having to wait seven months for a newborn to meet her father is a considerably long period, which is more than a quarter of the baby’s entire life. Adalynn’s mother, Alison Durbin, was understandably thrilled to plan a remarkable reunion for her husband, Senior Airman Ron Durbin, who was returning home from deployment.

Upon the arrival of Ron’s much-awaited aircraft at Rapid City Regional Airport in South Dakota, Alison welcomed Adalynn with a sign that read, «I am here to pick up my Dad.» However, Adalynn, who was still too young to read, was unaware of the situation. While everyone at the airport understood what was happening, Adalynn was about to experience the most significant surprise of her life.

The moment Ron disembarked from the plane, Adalynn discarded the sign and ran straight into his open arms to reunite with her father and mother. This heartwarming and intelligent reunion between father and daughter has already been viewed over three million times on Facebook. In just a few seconds, it becomes clear why this video has become so popular.

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