VIDEO: Do you know why all of the Kardashian children attend the same school? The explanation is stunning…

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Going to school is a family affair for the Kardashians!

Speaking into the microphone! Kim Kardashian, 41, described her daily routine to Kelly and Ryan, saying «it’s madhouse pandemonium» getting her three oldest children ready for school, which they attend with their cousins. ․․

«Every day, I carpool. «All of my sisters do, so we run into each other at school,» Kim explained.

«It’s like seven cousins go to the same school,» she continued. «Three in one class, one in another, two in a third, and two in a fourth.»

«It’s a lot of fun,» the Kardashians star concluded. And it’s a lot of fun because they’re so close.»

All the Kardashian kids go to the same school

Kim and ex-Kanye West have two daughters, Chicago, 4, and North, 9, as well as two sons, Psalm, 3, and Saint, 6.

Kim also highlighted how her sister Khloé Kardashian is still adjusting to the fact that her 4-year-old daughter True is attending school for the first time.

«It’s quite difficult to leave preschool, but I’ve done it so many times,» Kim said. «So I’ll get out and gaze out the window. Khloé will be here the entire day.»

The mother of four counseled her newly minted mother of two. «‘You have to go,’ I reply. ‘You’re not going to be able to do it.'»

Kim discussed the difficulties of multitasking with small children at the second annual A Day of Unreasonable Dialogue event earlier this month.

Kim and film director Scott Budnick discussed their work toward criminal justice reform on a panel called «How to Get Sh*t Done in a Divided Society,» moderated by Baratunde Thurston.

Budnick praised Kim for her capacity to participate in a virtual meeting at any time, including while caring for her children.

Kardashian Kids Guide: Names & Ages of the Kardashian Jenner Children

«With this lady right here, we’ve found the governor’s affection for the Oklahoma Sooners football team…

She can be seen on every Zoom.

’ Kim, the evangelical pastor in Oklahoma is interested in the situation.

‘Well, we’re on Zoom that night, with all of her kids running about,’ he said of the SKIMS tycoon.

«It’s quite embarrassing,» Kim replied.

«She can’t keep the kids out of the room no matter how many doors she closes,» Budnick continued.

«They find a way in,» Kim explained.

See the video…

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