When using his metal detector, a man discovers a rare Medieval wedding ring worth an estimated $47,000, but this is not the end…

When David Board spotted a small gold ring with his metal detector near Dorset, UK, he didn’t think much of it.

Board, 69, had gained permission to search a grazing area, and when the day came to an end, his detector detected something, according to a statement from Mayfair Auctioneers Noonans, who will auction off the ring later this month.

He discovered the ring five inches underground and slipped it into his pocket. He quickly realized it was something special.

«We didn’t know it was a lot better than we thought until I went home and washed it off,» he told CNN.

After a disastrous attempt in the 1970s, Board returned to metal detecting in 2019.

Yet over 50 years later, when he returned to his metal detector, he discovered a treasure. Noonans will sell the ring, now known as «The Lady Brook Medieval,» for £30,000 to £40,000 ($35,500 — $47,300).

According to Noonans’ statement, the ring was transported to the British Museum, where it was confirmed to be Medieval in date and a particularly unusual piece of jewelry from that era.

«This ring is in extremely good condition and has an inverted diamond set into the raised bezel to form a point,» said Nigel Mills, Noonans’ Consultant for Coins and Antiquities.

«The hoop is composed of two perfectly linked rings that symbolize the couple’s togetherness.»

«On the inside of the band is an inscription in French that reads ‘ieo vos tien foi tenes le moy’ (translated as ‘I hold your faith, hold mine,'» he explained.

Board informed Noonans that he intends to use his portion of the funds to help his partner’s daughter obtain a mortgage.

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