You won’t believe where the «Titanic» cast is now…


The most essential question is, where has Winslet been? In the 24 years following the premiere of Titanic, she has become one of Hollywood’s most celebrated actors.

She won an Oscar for her performance in The Reader in 2008, after having five previous nominations and one more after that…

She was also nominated for Golden Globes for Steve Jobs in 2016, Mildred Pierce in 2012, and two in 2009 for The Reader and Revolutionary Road, both of which she co-wrote with Titanic co-star Leonardo DiCaprio, as well as Emmys in 2011 for Mildred Pierce and 2021 for Mare of Easttown.

Mia, Joe, and Bear are her three children from her marriage to businessman Ned Rocknroll. Nevertheless, despite being a long way from her Titanic days, she’s still very close to co-star Leonardo DiCaprio, who walked her down the aisle at her wedding to Rocknroll and who she continually gushed over during interviews…


Following Titanic, DiCaprio’s career took off, and he became a favorite of famed filmmaker Martin Scorsese, securing roles in films like The Departed, Gangs of New York, and The Aviator.

In 2016, he finally got his long-awaited Academy Award for the film The Revenant, with Winslet cheering him on throughout the awards season.

He co-starred in Don’t Look Up starring Jennifer Lawrence and Meryl Streep.

When he’s not making movies, DiCaprio is a vocal champion for climate change action, having spoken at the United Nations and hosting an annual auction to raise funds for the cause.

At the Saint-Tropez event in 2017, he bonded with Titanic co-stars Kate Winslet and Billy Zane.


He played Rose’s affluent but unlikable fiancé in Titanic, but in real life, Zane isn’t quite so nasty.

Since the film’s release, he’s been continuously performing, turning out numerous films a year, including The Believer opposite Ryan Gosling and Charmed and Community on television. ,,

He also briefly appeared on Broadway in Chicago. Oh, and he made an appearance in Zoolander 2.


At the age of 87, Stuart became the oldest-ever acting contender when she was nominated for Best Supporting Actress for Titanic.

She also shared the Screen Actors Guild Award for best actress in the same category with Kim Basinger.

Stuart’s career peaked in the 1930s, but she continued to act into her 90s, in films like The Million Dollar Hotel and serial operas like General Hospital.

Her most recent film appearance was in 2004’s Land of Plenty. She died in 2010 at the age of 100 from respiratory failure.

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