What became of the 27-year-old model who married an 89-year-old billionaire?

Anna Nicole Smith married 89-year-old James Howard Marshall II in 1994, and the couple’s marriage was immediately fraught with controversy. People thought Anna was mercantile and self-centered, marrying only for fame and fortune. Everyone felt bad for James and wondered how he could have believed such a clear lie.

Why did this relationship form in such an unusual manner? Here’s what you should know.

Anna Nicole Smith was a huge celebrity in the 1990s. She appeared in men’s magazines and acted in films. The attractive blonde knew exactly how to present herself in order to succeed. True, her beauty was not always with her.

The model’s name was Vicki Lynn Hogan. She was born and raised in a very ordinary family, and nothing about her stood out. Vicki’s mother was an important figure in her life, and she aspired to be like Marilyn Monroe.

Her first marriage did not bring her happiness. After her husband left her, she was left alone with her child. She had to work as a dancer in a nightclub to supplement her income.

At the time, she was a brown-haired woman with an unattractive body. As a result, she wasn’t well-liked in the club. In general, the girl was unattractive because she lacked breasts. The elderly billionaire James Howard Marshall II noticed her charm and unusualness. He was already over the age of 80.

He was an oil tycoon and a university professor. By the way, he was incredibly attractive in his younger years. His two marriages lasted about 30 years each. His last wife passed away, and his children have long grown up. He felt lonely. For this reason, he married a pretty girl.

He didn’t skimp on anything for her. She had plastic surgery and purchased a lot of expensive items. Her jewelry was once purchased for a sum of $ 2 million. Anna adopted an alias and went blonde with him. Finally, a white streak has appeared in her life. She was occasionally invited to participate in television shows and photo shoots for men’s magazines.

The model married James in 1994. Anna wore a white gown to the celebration, and her chosen one sat in a wheelchair — after all, age does take its toll. Naturally, there was no hint of love in this relationship.

This union elevated Anna’s status. Her television appearances increased. She even hosted one of her shows.
Her husband and she had a better relationship. As a result, to alleviate his loneliness, he showered her with money and gifts. Because this union was mutually beneficial, there was no suffering.

There was a 14-month marriage. James died of an infectious disease at the age of 90. In addition, Anna always took care of him and did not leave him until the last minute. There was no doubt that she was waiting for his death to receive an inheritance from him. However, the cunning old man left nothing to his young wife. It angered her so much that she filed a lawsuit to recoup at least some compensation from her stepson. Several years passed, but Anna did not snatch anything.

After James’ death, the model’s fate was rather sad. Only 12 years separated her from him. Anna was diagnosed with pneumonia in 2007 and was unable to recover.

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