Actor in Elvis Presley biopic displays astonishingly accurate dance moves

«Man, oh man, I’m overjoyed to finally meet you!» The video begins on the set of Jimmy Fallon’s The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, where Jimmy greets his most recent guest, Austin Butler.

Austin had recently completed the film «Elvis» in which he played Elvis Presley. Jimmy was naturally fascinated by the process, so he had plenty of questions.

Jimmy begins the interview by complimenting Austin on his performance and reading a few reviews. Following that, he inquires about the audition process: was he nervous? Was he always a fan of Elvis?

Austin laughs, telling Jimmy that auditioning was both terrifying and exciting. Austin compares the experience to training for a climb up Mount Everest. Nonetheless, he appears to have done an excellent job, as Jimmy describes the film as a «knockout.»

Jimmy briefly describes Elvis’s various accents throughout the years. He also praises Austin’s performance, noting that he used a different accent for each era. Naturally, Jimmy approaches Austin and asks if he would mind doing a demonstration.

Austin, despite his obvious shyness, agrees, performing three distinct—but accurate—Elvis impressions. Austin answers a variety of questions about the film, in addition to the vocal performances. He talks about his experiences meeting people while filming and even teaches Jimmy some dance moves!

If you love Elvis, you should watch this video. In addition to the interview, a scene from the film is shown. You’ll probably want to watch the entire movie after that!

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