«I will never be old,» says Salma Hayek, 54, as she performs an excellent stretch.

Looking at this stunning lady, it’s difficult to believe Salma Hayek will be 55 this September. The actress stands out beautifully as a young Hollywood star against a background of older actors.

The sultry Mexican actress recently shared the results of her filming for Elle México’s July issue with her subscribers.

She appeared in a bright fur coat with a lot of sequins in the main photo. Additionally, she wore a voluminous red outfit and a delicate floral print dress.

Fans drew attention to a celebrity’s most recent photo, which shows her sitting on a transverse twine. «You are my hero,» «Impressive,» «Queen of everything,» «Beauty,» «You are incomparable,» «A real diva,» and «Just amazing,» Salma’s fans exclaimed.

Her secret to youth is yoga, according to Hayek. Additionally, she stated: “I will never grow old because I am too curious about life.” There are 15-year-old girls older than me who I know.”

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