Artist Creates Incredible Miniature Film Set Doll Houses Based on Harry Potter, Friends, and Jurassic Park… Look at the outcomes…

Bridget McCarty’s miniature movie sets are so lifelike and accurate that you’d never guess they’re models.

Her work incorporates memorable scenes from films and television shows such as Jurassic Park, Friends, and Harry Potter. Although each of her creations can take up to a month to complete, the results are breathtaking.

Bridget, who lives in Los Angeles, California, said it began as a hobby, but when customers began lining up to place orders for her work, she realized she could make a living off of it.

Making miniatures, she says, can «truly whisk you away to another universe.» My sources of inspiration range from things I enjoy watching on television to amusement parks.

Bridget described how her grandmother encouraged her to begin collecting small items; her grandmother would collect them whenever she went on vacation and store them on shelves.

Bridget was never allowed to handle fragile items as a child, which contributed to her growing interest in them.

As she grew older, she discovered that, in addition to her schoolwork, she enjoyed creating her own small works of art as a hobby.

People became fascinated with her work after she began attending conventions and opening a small online shop, and the demand for her miniature scenes quickly became her full-time occupation.

Bridget, who is also an animator, stated that «other artists bought a lot of my pieces and inspired me to keep going.» Bridget has a background in both traditional and digital animation.

Her works frequently depict movie sets, and they are miniature rooms made of wooden boxes about the size of a doll house. Their length is less than 50 centimeters.

She creates extraordinary sets out of «whatever you can imagine,» and she does so after outfitting the rooms with minute electrical wiring.

One of her most well-known works is the Harry Potter series’ Flourish & Blotts bookshop, as well as Monica’s apartment from the television show Friends.

Despite the fact that her miniature scenery and other miniature goods are becoming increasingly popular, she has no plans to stop.

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