Because no one attended the student’s graduation, his teacher took him out to dinner and purchased him a car. But look what happened…

What began as a lonely graduation day for a teen in Alabama turned into an excellent opportunity for him and his teacher to become closer.

Now, that teacher is attempting to get that student a car so he can begin his adult life.

Bessemer City High School held its graduation ceremony on Thursday. Dominque Moore was one of the teachers who helped plan the event. After the ceremony, Dom was cleaning up after the party.

Almost everyone had left to celebrate with friends and family, but one young man remained alone.

«I know his moods, and I knew he wasn’t himself,» Dom told “ «Where are your people?» I inquired. «No one is here,» he said.

The teacher was at a loss for words at first, so she told him, «I expect big things from you, and everything will be fine.»

Dom anticipated that someone would arrive at some point to drive the graduate home. Nobody did, however. Dom offered to drive him home, but neither of them expected it to be anything more than a ride.

The teacher decided to take him out to eat, but he was free to choose any restaurant he wanted. They ended up at the Cheesecake Factory, where they ate a hearty meal and had dessert to celebrate the graduate’s success.

They both tried hard not to cry at first. They were soon having a lot of fun together. Dom never inquired as to why the boy’s family did not attend the wedding.

He thought it was critical that the young man felt good about his actions.

Dom later posted a photo and some thoughts about the event on Facebook. He claims that he doesn’t usually post about such incidents because they occur far too frequently in his line of work, but that something inside him compelled him to do so this time.

He also included his Cash App ID ($mooredaeducator) in the post in case anyone wanted to «bless» this young man.

Kind people, many of whom were strangers, quickly sent over $5,000 in donations. Dom assisted the teen in opening a bank account with the money. He also wants to assist him in saving for a car and attending college one day.

This baby needed a family, and WE ARE THAT FAMILY!» Dom’s Facebook post was responded to by Ash Norris.

Another commenter, Chip Dillard, offered to be the young man’s mentor, saying, «I’m retired and I’d be happy to give 20 hours a week.»

«It makes me feel great that so many people have helped him in such a way,» Dom told GNN nine days after launching the fundraiser, which has likely raised even more money since the initial report.

«He received a large sum of money, which he gave to a financial adviser.»

Dom hopes that the story will help people remember what is truly important and give hope to those who are struggling.

«We don’t place enough value on people or life. Even when bad things happen, it demonstrates that people are good.»

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