The Internet’s most fashionable grandmother is 53 years old and stunning!

«Life after 40 is just getting started…»
That is correct. Many women over 40 now look younger than they did when they were younger. Sports, an active lifestyle, good nutrition, and self-care are all in style. And now look at this grandmother; she is regarded as the Internet’s hottest grandmother!

Meet Jacqueline Berrido Pisano– the Italian Instagram star. It is difficult to guess the age of this woman from the photo.

Jacqueline is 53 years old and was born in Serbia, but now lives in Italy with her daughter and grandchildren.

The woman has a very good taste and a great figure, she has hundreds of thousands of fans around the world!

Jacqueline is also a philologist who speaks five languages. She also runs her own tender business. She achieved success after the age of 30.

Fashion is her hobby. She is now a model and a popular blogger, and she used to take pictures for herself.

She posted a photo with the caption «grandmother who loves fashion» a few years ago. And completely destroyed the Internet! She has been running her microblog since then.

Jacqueline adheres to a healthy lifestyle, goes in for sports and takes care of herself.

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