Carol Burnett and Cher perform a memorable duet on ‘The Cher Show’ in 1975.

Carol Burnett joined the incomparable Cher on ‘The Cher Show’ in 1975 to perform a hit medley. The two superstars sit on a white step on stage, dressed in black, slim dresses with sparkles.

They both have a rose in their hands and begin singing a Broadway-style medley that includes ‘I’m Following You / The G.I. Jive / Lonely At the Top.’ On the big screen, they walk around and sing about amazing women.

They sing about how they weren’t playing with dolls when they were younger, but rather «tapping in tents!» They appear in a new scene dressed as toddler girls, singing about how they used to hate each other.

Then it cuts to them in pink, shiny dresses playing instruments such as clarinets, saxophones, drums, and harmonica. Carol performs a trumpet solo while Cher pretends to play the string bass.

In another scene with ‘G.I. Jive,’ they sing while standing on an all-white Jeep dressed in white military uniforms and with an American flag behind them. They sing and smile until a bomb explodes, covering them in black ash.

They wear puffy white dresses for the finale and walk down a long pink stairway with flowers on each side. Carol and Cher sing about how lonely it is at the top.

Carol and Cher appear on stage in their previous costumes in each iteration. They all sit on the pink stairs and sing the final note together in triumph.

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