The internet was captivated by a girl with autism performing «Hallelujah»…

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There are many songs out there that can make you feel better and put a smile on your face. These are the types of songs that will break your heart.

There are many people who believe that «Hallelujah» is one of them. It has a very appealing appearance.

Despite the fact that it has been performed by a wide range of artists over the course of its history, one particular rendition stands out as particularly memorable.

Kaylee Rogers and other students from her Northern Ireland school performed on stage together in 2016.

She led the choir in a Christmas rendition of «Hallelujah» with a powerful and authoritative voice, and a video of their performance quickly became one of the most viewed videos on the internet.

Regardless, the performance conceals a great deal more activity behind the scenes than what is visible to the audience.

Kaylee was extremely shy when she was ten, and she didn’t engage in many conversations at school.

Singing, on the other hand, helped her come out of her shell and become more outgoing.

The following is the explanation provided by the school’s headmaster to BBC Newsbeat:

The instructor observed that the girl kept to herself most of the time, but when she began singing, a new side of her emerged.

Kaylee and the rest of her classmates performed «Hallelujah» as one of the selections for their Christmas pageant.

She sang as a soloist, with the choir singing in the background for accompaniment.

Many people discovered that they needed to use tissue after watching this film.

She not only has a heavenly voice, but she performs with such self-assurance that you would never guess she had trouble finding her voice in the past.

Other audience members also expressed their approval of the performance in a variety of ways. On YouTube, a user wrote the following:

Her singing ability is light years ahead of the other eighty percent of singers working today. incredible, to put it mildly

Another person made the following observation about it:

«Every time I look at this, it brings tears to my eyes. As the mother of two autistic boys, hearing your story gives me the hope and courage to face the challenges that await them. «May God bless you.»

View the video…

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