Can you beleive it?70-year-old homeless man settled in a house that …

Unfortunately, Tim Shea, a 70-year-old American resident, was left homeless despite his advanced age. His fate was not favorable, but everything has changed now. Tim purchased his first home in Texas in the summer of 2020.

So, what’s the big deal, you say? And the interesting thing is that this house was printed… yes, printed on a 3D printer in just two days.

Housing is very comfortable and compact, which is not surprising given the current cost of production technology. However, there is a bathroom, a kitchen, and a bedroom on the inside.

The house was built by a relatively new company that intends to make such structures permanent. Tim Shi wrote them a letter in which he detailed his complicated life story, and the brand representatives decided to assist the individual.

«I am so grateful for this lovely home. «There are large windows and a large porch where I like to relax,» the man says, «and it’s hard to believe that this house was printed by a robot,» Tim admits that he will now trust people more and that he will be grateful to the creators of his home for the rest of his life.

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