How does Anna’s grown-up heir appear, having a baby with a wheelchair-bound child weighing 2.2 Ibs?

The network is discussing a heartwarming love story about a girl named Anna who was deeply unhappy but was able to meet his love.

The girl met a guy on a dating website. They only texted each other for a long time. Gregory, the man, eventually decided to provide his image. The young man was certain that because he was crippled, the girl would stop communicating with him after that.

This was unimportant to Anya, who had fallen in love with the man’s soul. Despite the difficulties, she resolved to travel thousands of kilometers to see him. Many of the girl’s friends and acquaintances condemned her actions.

Despite all of the negative attention, the couple married. The couple is currently raising a son. It is worth noting that the baby was born disease-free.

What the girls accomplished is admirable! What are your thoughts?

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