It is really challenging to estimate the age of this Canadian blogger.

In 2016, Grace Ghanem signed up for social media sites on her daughter’s recommendation.

The woman obviously had no idea that she would soon become a well-known blogger.

She didn’t regard Instagram as a tool for self-realization; rather, she saw it as humorous entertainment.

More than 600,000 persons have subscribed to Grace Ghanem’s profile as of right now.

And this number keeps rising daily.

People enjoy watching attractive, fashionable women.

It’s really motivating.

Until 2005, our heroine lived in Lebanon.

She was obliged to leave everything behind, including her lucrative work as a scientist, as a result of the poor situation in the nation, and emigrate to Canada with her small daughter.

The woman was unable to find employment in her field at the new location. She was forced to alter her line of work as a result. As a personal trainer, Grace. It came out that our heroine has always had a passion for athletics.

So she made the decision to start a new career out of her pastime. Also, Grace Ganem has a specific affection for elegant and lovely things. The woman acknowledges that she enjoys dressing up.

She does not, however, try to buy everything that is now in style all at once. The blogger’s closet has both new outfits from the newest collections of well-known design labels as well as older clothing from her younger years.

Representatives of many businesses and glossy newspapers started to take notice of Grace Ghanem as her pictures gained popularity on social media.

Hence, our protagonist also rose to fame as a model. In Vogue, Grace Ganem was featured! A Canadian fitness instructor’s worldview and sense of style were piqued by the world’s most fashionable magazine.

By the way, our heroine attempted to make clear to readers her primary point in her interview: no women should stop standing out from the crowd after the age of 40.

Grace Ghanem admits that she is very offended by the fact that there are so few women of her age in the fashion industry.

The blogger hopes that the situation will change over time.

And there will be a lot more bright and stylish ladies who are over 40 on the streets.

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