So amazing. Amazing marching band performs a brand-new, high-intensity routine!

Seeing a creative marching band perform is always entertaining. The brilliant group’s motions and forms have become a show for viewers all around the world.

But these 15 to 20 trombonists are skilled with their instruments. The drum line starts to make wild noises. As soon as you hear the trombones start up, you know something bad is about to happen.

They quickly iterate this while adjusting the «puzzle» mode’s timing. The nickname «Headsplitter» refers to how one mistake will instantly cause a trombone to slide to the face. The precision is astounding.

The cyclical nature of time and the complexity of daily living are captivating. You keep wondering if someone is going to get hit while you’re watching. To the delight of the audience, the trombone section from Liberty High School manages to execute this amazing trick flawlessly.

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