This Inspirational Girl Who Was Bullied for Her Looks Has Inspiring Millions of Others… Yet now…

The highly talented dancer Lizzy Howell inspires a lot of people all around the world. It’s not just her dancing; it’s also the way she’s responded to all the criticism.

Lizzy Howell is a talented dancer, but due to her height, bullies routinely pick on her. As a video of her dancing went viral, things took a dramatic turn, and she was the target of vicious online shaming.

Lizzy had many moments where she wanted to give up, but after going famous online, she realized that because she was an inspiration to those who didn’t fit the mold for their interests, like dance, and she was a role model for them, she could never give in to trolls and cruel remarks.

This young victim is speaking up now and is being recognized more for her talent than for her looks.

See the video here!

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