This story will break your heart!6000 oaks were planted by him not far from his home. Only after 20 years was the reason evident.

Despite the fact that love surrounds us everywhere — in movies, music, and books, not everyone manages to meet it in real life.

Someone, realizing this terrible truth, prefers to be content with less, while others are hunting for this or that one throughout their life but remain alone.

The protagonist of this tale, though, might end up being an extremely uncommon exception to the rule.

For 33 years, Winston Howes and his beloved Jeanette have been wed. When they saw their relationship, many of the neighbors were confused.

After all, during all this time, they had never seen this couple dispute. They really were the ideal loving couple.

Nevertheless, their idyllic life was cut short 20 years ago when Janette passed tragically unexpectedly. Winston decided that he had to do something in memory of his wife.

The man began to plant oaks. All of the neighbors believed that this was just a man’s attempt to forget a little of his sorrow. Nobody gave his passion any weight, although for the time being…

In an area not far from Jeanette and Winston’s house, as many as 6,000 plants were planted.

Just 20 years later, a neighbor flying nearby in a balloon noticed that a spot had been left for a giant heart, within of which magnificent daffodils were growing, in the center of the grove.

Winston undoubtedly wished that his wife could view this heart from heaven. It appears that we are experts on love.

But when faced with such stories, you begin to understand what kind of feeling it really is.

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