The bride wore black to her wedding. Here is what caused it.

Any wedding’s traditional bride’s attire is a white dress. And a lot of young girls imagine wearing it one day. They visualize it and how they will seem in it.

Some people even prefer to design or sew it themselves. But have you ever considered the possibility that a white wedding gown may not genuinely be white? And blogger Sophie Kashi made the decision to defy this perception. She stunned everyone by wearing a black outfit to her wedding.

You read that right—not pink, yellow, or any other cheery hue. Black covered it. The bridesmaids also showed up in black attire and promised to support her, so this wasn’t the only surprise.

Nobody wanted to be surprised or unhappy, according to Sophie. She only had one favorite dress, and it was this one. On such a significant day, she wished to view everything at the utmost level.

Anthony Montesano is the designer of the actual dress.

It appears just as magnificent from the back as it does from other angles.

It is odd to see that many blacks at a wedding, of course. But as you are aware, the bride’s wish cannot be disputed!

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