tHIS STORY WILL MAKE YOU LOOK AT SITUATIONS IN ANOTHER WAY!Old Lady Was Stopped To Pull Into A Parking Space And Started Arguing With A Real Smart Man

A senior citizen was stopped and directed to a parking spot. She was instantly passed by a young man in his brand-new red Mercedes who then parked in the spot she was looking for.

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The little old lady was so furious that she approached the man and stated, «I was going to park there!»

That’s what you can do when you’re young and brilliant, the really smart Alec said.

Thus, this infuriated the woman even more.

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As a result, she got in her car, backed it up, stomped on the throttle, and slammed into his Benz.

The young man hurried back to his car and demanded, «What did you do that for?»

He was just given a smile and informed, «That’s what you can do when you’re old and affluent,» by the little old lady.

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