David Letterman’s fantastic surprise from Johnny Carson

The results of the union of two late-night television icons were hilarious. Johnny Carson was welcomed on David Letterman’s program. David enthusiastically welcomes his first guest to the program as he pumps his hands and Johnny Carson exits to great applause.

Johnny returns with his own travel desk while appearing to have forgotten something. Johnny complains to Letterman that it feels inappropriate to be in the guest seat while turning away from the presenter. But, Johnny claims it’s good since he can be harsh.

Johnny is questioned by David about his first TV appearance. Johnny contemplates it for a while. «Believe it or not, I played a milkman in a documentary about unpasteurized milk called The Tale of Underlined Fever,» he claims.

He queries Johnny as to whether he ever considers bringing his program back to New York. The only studios back there, according to Johnny, are news spots because there aren’t any other facilities.

Do you mind if I do something next, Johnny asks? Johnny talks about how much he enjoys it when David calls a spectator’s relative. He asks David if he can do that on the show because he finds it to be so amusing.

Johnny asks a quick question: “Has David ever told you that he hopes that I get run over by a Sparklett’s water delivery truck so that he can get the 11:30 time period on NBC?” David’s mother says he brought it up frequently.

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