George Burns’ tearjerking reaction to Johnny Carson’s appearance

On November 13, 1974, fans of the great George Burns and the renowned Johnny Carson were in for a treat when Burns went on Carson’s Tonight Show for an interview. Carson is eager to greet Burns. The two talk about anything from health to friendship.

The video clip has gone viral on the internet, with admirers eager to see the moment when the two legends engage in a lovely dialogue. The interview is full of the wit, passion, and warmth of two brilliant people who loved show business and making others laugh.

Despite his major surgery and lengthy hospital stay, Burns seemed to be in high spirits and excited to be back in the spotlight. He tells Carson a funny anecdote about having to abandon his Bridge game because of chest and arm problems.

During the conversation, Burns describes his surgery and how he didn’t comprehend the medical words used by the doctors. He then makes a joke with the physicians, telling them they may do whatever they want as long as they don’t touch his vocal cords, which he relied on for a living. He even sings «Red Rose Rag» after his surgery to see if his voice is okay.

Carson then inquires of Burns whether he was scared when the physicians informed him of the surgery. Burns responds that he wasn’t scared at all. He only wanted to return to work as soon as possible. Burns then tells Carson about how the physicians altered his eating habits, including his fondness for ketchup on his eggs.

Carson then shifts the conversation to Burns’s friendship with Jack Benny. The host asks him how they maintained such a strong friendship for over five decades. And if he ever had any major conflicts or disagreements with his best friend. To which Burns replies that Benny is a gem of a person and he never ever had a fight with him.

The show concludes on a high note as Burns treats the audience to a delightful performance of “Jemima and Five Bakers.” It is a fun night that Johnny Carson and George Burns fans will never forget.


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