The girl transformed an abandoned house into a true castle. Let’s go inside this lovely home.

After graduating from university, the young designer desired to put her knowledge to use and obtain practical experience.

The girl was told about an abandoned house outside of town, where development had ceased several years ago and the structure was already falling.

When the designer saw the construction site, she did not become disoriented; rather, she saw it as a challenge and went to work.

The idea was to turn these ruins into a lovely home. First and foremost, she devised a project and determined which tasks she could complete on her own.

It was required to hire personnel for various jobs. It must be stated right away that this was not an easy task.

The restoration was delayed by two years since the house’s original condition was deplorable.

This location became difficult to distinguish after a while. Large panoramic windows now allow you to watch the sunrise in the morning.

It is extremely big on the inside, with light-colored walls and several mirrors.

A decorative swimming pool appeared near the house, in which fish were released.

One could feed the fish sitting on the sofa on the right, which is by the pool.

The girl’s dream has come true. She now lives in a luxury house that she designed herself.

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