A large baby weighing 6 kilograms was born to an Australian family…

Nicolina Newcomb of New Zealand had one of the largest newborns ever born in the country. Surprisingly, neither Tobias’s mother nor father are exceptionally tall or large.

Tobias weighed 13 pounds, or roughly 6 kilos, which is about the same as two healthy newborns or a three-month-old baby.

At the same moment, Nikolina’s first kid, weighing 1.9 kilograms, was born.

The mother expected her second child to share her older sister’s «fortune,» but reality had other ideas. Nikolina had no idea what her baby’s gender or size would be because she had never had an ultrasound during her pregnancy.

If the doctors had known the qualities of the infant beforehand, they would have conducted a scheduled cesarean surgery.

She was quite fortunate to be able to give birth to a kid spontaneously and without complications. Nikolina observed that childbirth was often easy.

She thanked the midwives for comforting the laboring woman and offering moral support till her son was born. Tobias was the boy’s name, and he didn’t fit into anything his future parents had bought in preparation.

The delighted parents were forced to repurchase all of the apparel and donate minor items to the orphanage! Let us all pray for Tobias’s health and his mother’s resilience and bravery.

She will certainly need them to hoist such a hero in her arms!

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