The guy wrote a song in memory of a friend who died, and he performs it on stage…

The X Factor is a television show that has become legendary around the world. People who can sing can now demonstrate their abilities in front of millions of people owing to this initiative.

Josh Daniel, an Englishman, also attended the casting, though he had no intention of winning.

The guy wanted to give a concert in honor of his best friend, who had recently gone away for good.

People noticed a genuineness in his voice that went beyond the amazing notes he could create. It’s not surprising that three minutes later, not a single person in the hall was able to hold back their tears…

This person came to the show not only to sing a song but also to share his experience, which had an influence on everyone in attendance.

Today, he wishes to pay tribute to him by singing a song in this place. After witnessing such a moving performance, the judges and the rest of the audience were overcome with emotion and were unable to contain their tears.

Here is the video:

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