A 53-year-old guy tells how he maintains his youthful appearance…

Edson Brando, a 53-year-old Dutchman, appears much younger than his true age. The man talks about how to stay young and appealing, as well as his regular day.

Despite Brando’s real age of 53, Edson maintains that many strangers assign him a life expectancy of 25 years or fewer. The man admits that he is happy to realize that he can serve as an example for others. After all, seeing that they, too, can look elegant in their sixties motivates them to believe in themselves and strive for excellence.

Edson leads a fairly ordinary life. He writes on his personal blog about the keys of eternal youth. Brandao also does one-on-one and group training sessions and has written the book Young After 40. A man is obviously blessed genetically, but natural data is not everything.

Edson believes that his positive attitude is responsible for his attractive appearance. He is the one who energizes and provides positive energy for both the body and the soul. It is equally critical to accept yourself as a product of nature and to live in harmony with yourself.

Brandao leads a healthy lifestyle. He regularly works out for both strength and cardio. Edson also monitors his food habits. His diet is well-balanced, and he avoids unhealthy semi-finished items, canned food, fast food, sweets, soda, and fried foods.

White and redfish, vegetables, brown rice, poultry, mushrooms, almond milk cereal, homemade lean pancakes, and fruit and vegetable smoothies are frequent menu items. Brandao also drinks two liters of pure mineral water every day.

Edson claims he has never smoked or used drugs. He also avoided plastic surgery, but he still takes care of his skin and uses lotions on a regular basis. Because Brandao considers his body to be a «temple for the soul,» he guards it and works hard to keep it in good condition.

Edson claims that he not only looks terrific but also feels great. His body has more vitality than it did in his twenties or thirties. And this is indeed the case based on the photographs at various stages in life.

Brando enjoys motivating others and advising them on how to look their best. It is still important to follow his advise and hope that he stays active and young.

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